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PastaLeads is a media company that partners with advertiser networks. In order for your ad to appear in our media, you need to register as an advertiser with one of our partners.

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Get quality Internet leads directly to your business phone. Pay-per-call campaigns convert 10X the rate of search campaigns. With a pay-per-call platform, you pay only for actual calls that connect you with motivated customers AND you decide the price per call before you accept it.

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How Pay-Per-Lead works?


1. We find ready-to-spend customers through our online affiliates and partner network.


2. You decide how much the call is worth to you after hearing the request.


3. We put you through to the customer. You pay only for this call.

Why you should be using pay-per-call:

Connect by phone immediately to motivated customers
Consumers who reach out by phone are typically more ready to spend. Our pay-per-call system brings them right to you.

Pay only for actual calls
If you don't receive calls, you don't pay a penny.

Decide the price you'll pay only after evaluating the lead
Only you know how much a lead is worth to you. Listen to the customer request and decide whether you accept the call and how much you are willing to pay.

Track calls, manage your budget, calculate ROI and more
Our Advertiser Dashboard lets you completely control your total budget, decide where you do business and when, and track the amount of calls you receive, the details of each call and how many calls you've lost.

No set up fees, contracts, or monthly fees
We believe you should pay only for results. No calls? You don't pay.